Disclaimer - Anyone who owns the copyright to any of the game music played on this website please contact me immediately at racosner@verizon.net if you would like your music removed and I will promptly remove it.

Note to the disclaimer : I am probably creating more profits for copyright holders than costing them. Hearing the music to a game could possibly motivate someone to purchase the game in question, and the music itself is in no way a substitute for the entire game. Something to keep in mind before requesting your music be removed. Also, you would be hurting the very community your game is a part of. I have made no profit from this endeavor, it is motivated purely by love of the genre.





RPG Radio - Radio for the RPG connoisseur.

RPG(Role-playing Game), RTS (Real Time Strategy), and Adventure game soundtracks. From the 80's to today's latest.

Note - Due to volume differences in some of the tracks I recommend Zyrax's Volume Equalizer used with WinAMP unless you have another way to normalize the volume levels on your player It can be downloaded here

Zyrax's Volume Equalizer.

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Adventurers Journal Entry #56

Saturday, March 16th 2013

Returning from a long downtime, again...we are back. The machine running the stream's hard drive crashed after many years of good service. In celebration of the Return of RPG Radio, I have added the soundtrack to the new Sword of Fargoal, enjoy! Also, keep in mind the server side version of the volume normalizer is not currently running, and I lost my files for the various apps that allowed that to happen (you can only run 1 DSP plugin at a time normally and Shoutcast and The Volume Normalizer are both DSP Plugins.) In time I hope to have that working again, but until then you either have to play it through WinAMP with the Zyrax's Volume Equalizer listed above or with some other method of normalizing the volume.



Adventurers Journal Entry #55

Saturday, June16th 2012

Returning from a long downtime, we are back. I had to restore the playlist from a backup, also, I've added tracks from Pool of Radiance (Amiga Version) and Dragon Lord (Amiga Version), enjoy!



Adventurers Journal Entry #54

Saturday, April14th 2012

Added Mass Effect 3 soundtrack. Sorry its been a while since the last update, been busy gaming... as usual. Don't forget to make any... and I do mean, Any (relating to game soundtracks that is) requests on the forums. You can get to the forums from the link to the left in the menu that says "Forums"



Adventurers Journal Entry #53

Friday, August 26th 2011

Added Fallout and Fallout 2 soundtracks. Also, Weather Alert for Eastern PA! The station may be down due to Hurricane Irene coming close where we transmit from, we'll be turning the streaming server off if it gets too crazy.

Adventurers Journal Entry #52

Friday, July 8th 2011

Added soundtrack to Tabula Rasa, possibly Richard Garriots last game. This also marks RPG Radios playlist reaching 8000 tracks!


AvatarAdventurers Journal Entry #51

Thursday, June 9th 2011

Will be adding the remastered tracks from Meridian 59 and the Apple II version tracks from UItima III, Ultima IV and Ultima V.


Adventurers Journal Entry #50

Saturday, January 1st 2011

Added soundtrack for Warhammer : Shadow of the Horned Rat. Also, Happy New Year!


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